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Why Education is Important

Education gives people the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this world.


Examples of Successful Educated People

From Shaq to Angela Basset, to Carrie Underwood to Michael Bloomberg, people that relied on their education and have kept their wealth.


Learning Strategies

Powerful Learning Strategies to apply in everyday life.




Pastor Timothy Williams is the Founder and CEO of Golden Gloves EDU.  He was born with a learning disorder and was unable to read and spell until his mid 20's.  At age 18, he went astray and lost his way for several years looking for a father figure. Despite him being an optimistic teenager working two after school part-time jobs with high hopes of being a pro football player and pro boxer, he abandoned his Christian faith and stopped attending the Christian Church services with his devoted Christian grandmother Mazell and brother Massai. Pastor Timothy will admit that Satan took him hostage for several years into his early 20's. Today, education has become a pillar in his life and helped him overcome obstacles on his road to success. In 2012, he earned a 4.0 GPA in college majoring in criminal justice, a major achievement. He loves helping others find their way in the Christian faith, and he takes pride in the fact that his past wrong doings did not involve the elderly, children or abusing women. Like the 1983 movie Scarface, he also lives by a code, do not harm children, do not harm the elderly, and do not harm and disrespect a woman. He preaches to abusive men, "our beloved grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts are women. We must protect women." This is one of the many reasons why he volunteers his time going into prisons around the world sharing his amazing testimony and how the gospel of peace rescued him from being a sinful man. Back then when he decided to rededicate his life to Christianity, a drug-lord asked him to do a deal for 1.5 million dollars. Pastor Timothy instead walked away from all that money and chose the Lord Jesus! Many of his peers have always admired him for dating beautiful looking women while other insecure and ugly looking men have despised him for being a handsome and dapper man of God. However, he prays that his best quality is his heart, not his looks or the way that he dresses. He was a single man throughout his six years of studying to become an ordained evangelist/pastor, in which he vowed to the Lord Jesus, not to date a woman while in seminary. His six years of celibacy put him on a faith level beyond many other Christians. Pastor Timothy has zero tolerance for men who commit crimes against children and women. He is an advocate for abused women, he has volunteered as a motivational speaker for abused women at Access Capabilities in Pahoa, Hawaii. He understands that women who have experienced sexual abuse are at a significantly higher risk of experiencing a range of mental health conditions. His prayers are not in vain for the healing of all abused children, the elderly, and women, and he hopes that they call on the name of Jesus Christ to be healed. 


Pastor Timothy preaches to men how all men should respect women, and see women as sisters in Christ Jesus, (1 Timothy 5:2). He has a serious demeanor, but his fruits/good works clearly shows that the genuine LOVE of the Lord Jesus lives within his heart. Satan hates him and would try to falsely accuse him of any and everything. He teaches, if you are being falsely accused, leap/jump for joy and say, "For it is written, Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake. Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for behold, your reward is great in Heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets," (LUKE 6: 22 & 23). Amen! Amen! Clearly, anyone who cannot see the amazing light of this man of God, is either a baby Christian or jealous. "It's not worth losing your Salvation and burning in Hell, bearing false witness against the Lord Jesus' anointed, which is the ninth Commandment," a quote spoken by Pastor Timothy regarding Satan deceiving the simple.  

Pastor Timothy is an executive director and producer of the CROSSING THE STREETS TO JESUS TV show airing on and a motivational speaker encouraging the lives of many, such as Lawrence Taylor/"L.T." (NFL Hall of Fame 1999), Pastor Massai Z. Dorsey (Actor, Business Owner), Chad Thomas/aka "Brahma Bull" the former MMA Champion, Prophetess Carol James and Yolanda James. Pastor Timothy is a well-known and highly acclaimed motivational speaker, specializes in providing insights, guidance and enthusiasm tailored to fit the unique needs of each audience.  People call Pastor Timothy Williams, a lightning bolt, the equalizer and TRD (the real deal). He humbly accepts their praise and gives all the glory to the Lord Jesus, for working through him.


L.A. California, ghetto neighborhoods were once known as being the wickedest place on the earth. Pastor Timothy led not one but seven of the most notorious gangsters to the Cross of Jesus Christ;  namely, Garry Floyd/aka "big-forehead" a notorious crip, Thomas/aka "big-hotdog" a notorious crip, Dwayne Capers/aka "big-hawk" a notorious crip, Ronald/aka "black-ron" a notorious blood, Alfred Fobbs/aka "big-bam" a notorious crip, Joseph Gonzalez/aka "j-j" a notorious Mexican gangster, and Tommy/aka "big-tom" a notorious skinhead. He spoke boldly to these ruthless men that the Holy Bible, commands us Christians, to be fishermen of men; however, the Lord Jesus, has made Pastor Timothy a fisherman of catching whales/ruthless men. His fruit clearly shows that he is a Kingdom builder and devil chaser, he has purpose and principles that he lives by, eternal hope, and a prophet. Pastor Timothy Williams isn't ashamed of mental health, he dedicated a chapter in his book openly talking about mental health. Please feel free to contact this amazing Christian king/bishop.

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by Pastor Timothy Williams


2022 Hilo, HI

12-year-old Hilo boy wins Golden Gloves EDU Scholarship Award 


2019 Kona, HI

$1K awarded to Kona college student for penning essay

2017 Hilo, HI


2021 Kona, HI

Kona girl, 8, sets eyes on Olympic gold medal in boxing


2018 Kona, HI


Message with a punch:

Golden Gloves nonprofit urges Kona kids to fight for education

2016 Baton Rouge, LA


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Amazing Christians 1- 2018-01-18 SD

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