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Why Education

is important

Education gives people the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this world.

Examples of Successful Educated People

From Shaq to Angela Basset, to Carrie Underwood to Michael Bloomberg, checkout their success story.

Learning Strategies

Powerful Learning Strategies to apply in everyday life.



Pastor Timothy Williams is the Founder and CEO of Golden Gloves EDU.  He was born with a learning disorder and was unable to read or spell until his mid 20's.  Education has become a pillar in his life and helped him overcome obstacles on his road to success. 


Pastor Timothy is an executive director and producer of the Kids Need Love Too  TV show airing on NaLeo.tv and a motivational speaker encouraging the lives of many children, women and men, such as Lawrence Taylor "L.T." (NFL Hall of Fame 1999), Kendrick Lamar (Rapper,  Songwriter and Record Producer), Jennifer Nettles (Singer and Songwriter for Sugarland), Massai Z. Dorsey (Actor, Business Owner), Carol & Yolanda James (Business Owners) and Lisa Roach (Realtor at Savio Realty).

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2019 Kona, HI


$1K awarded to Kona college student for penning essay

2017 Hilo, HI

2018 Kona, HI


Message with a punch:

Golden Gloves nonprofit urges Kona kids to fight for education

2016 Baton Rouge, LA

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